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Okay so since the response was overwhelmingly positive, I present to you the first ever “ReiNako Same Prompt Fic Party”

• rei/minako obviously
• fics are due on Sunday October 12th
• can be any sailor moon continuity / setting you want (silmil, present day, crystal tokyo)
• it can also be AU
• entries must be posted here and tagged with “ReiNako same prompt fic party.” Also send me an ask or fa mail with the link once it’s posted.

"It can never happen again."


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Minako, what do you love most about Rei? I know you two are very close....
sailorsunspot sailorsunspot Said:


I love how easy it is to rattle her and make her explode. 

In all seriousness, I love that Rei in particular understands how our duty is important and how we don’t need men to fill holes in our lives. Also, that one time she tried to kiss me will never not be funny.


Rei Hino
sailorsunspot sailorsunspot Said:


Favorite line: Anytime she talks about her shoes.

OTP: With Minako~ Though I don’t mind her paired up with other characters.

Head canon: Minako always calls her “Reiko” in private ever since the idol incident in PGSM. Minako laughs at Rei’s scowls, thinking that if Rei really did not like the name, she wouldn’t be willing to play idol with Minako. Wouldn’t sing. Wouldn’t dance. Wouldn’t try to hide a slip of a smile.

The truth is, it hurts Rei deeply, it was the name her mother called her. It reopens old wounds and feelings that she spent so long trying to repress. But she thinks, maybe with Minako, it might be good to feel again and properly heal. To laugh and to smile like normal girls do. Like her mother asked her to on her death bed.

And then Minako died.



at long last


companion to this. stitched version

You know this is Haruka’s heaven, because Michiru is not wearing pants

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rocketonthemoon replied to your post “help i’m crushing hardcore on rita volk and like, really want to watch…”

faking it is that delightful piece of television that you know you probably shouldn’t enjoy as much as you do but daaaaamn is it good to binge watch

RIGHT? I’m so conflicted about it. Mostly because I am actually in love with everything that has to do with Amy, Lauren and Shane, but absolutely physically revolted by the Liam/Karma thing. Not so much because of the straight thing (if Karma liked Oliver instead I would be 100% okay with it) - more because he’s just SUCH a pretentious, hypocritical choad. So like, I wind up loving most of the episode, until I see Karma being a horrible selfish person to try to get the attention of Douche Numero Uno and UGH. Just…man. It flashes me back to high school and my crush on my ex-bestie like whoa.

AND he’s supposed to be the dreamy self-insertion love interest too. Do girls really have standards that low?

qrred replied to your post: help i’m crushing hardcore on rita vol…

If you end up watching beware to want to punch someone in the end after the last few minute of the season finale. Also you will fall in love with Amy and her expressions god what an adorable dork also season two starts next Tuesday :p

I’ve already seen some of it! I watched the first two episodes when it first came out and was cautiously curious, but I wound up forgetting about the show because…well, frankly, I just got busy with my own real life girl stuff. BUT I was reading an article on TV shows that were coming up on Autostraddle and it reminded me that it existed, and then reminded me how fucking attractive like WHOA Amy is, so I had to go back and watch it.

Friends it did not disappoint. I already know what’s going to happen in the finale (because I spoil myself all the time like a loser) but I like what I’ve seen enough to give it a legit shot! PLUS haha Amy.

I know, I know. Me falling for the blonde girl. SO surprising and unprecedented, right? Like, it was just such an unpredictable turn of events!


take a rest (´・ω・`)

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help i’m crushing hardcore on rita volk and like, really want to watch faking it now? This is a bad idea. but i can’t help iiittttttt

it’s one of those shows where i can’t tell if its actually good or bad all i know is i want more


Excuse the very Very VERY amateur work. First time actually drawing people on Photoshop, and with a mouse… Here’s one of my takes on what happened between the final battle with Mio and Usagi’s wedding in the Special Act.

Minako was NOT happy Rei got herself hurt. And after not seeing each other for so long only to find Rei like this, and both of them back to arguing, Minako couldn’t stand the tension and ended up taking drastic measure. Kiss the girl she fell for since she was fourteen.  ;D

That could explain why the shoulder bump during Usagi’s wedding was so awkward for the two of them.  Headcanon maybe?

Anyway. After this attempt, I can surely say I am way better at making fanvideo than making fanart.  All my PGSM work can be found here.

Omv yhis is so great!


Combo post for all the inner sailor senshi! :)  

A lot of people have been asking for prints of these, so I’ve got them all available on my Society 6, and they have free worldwide shipping through September 21st!

All Combined Group | Uniform Group | Street Clothes Group 

Sailor Moon | Sailor Mercury | Sailor Mars | Sailor Jupiter | Sailor Venus

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I’m re-watching sailor moon after god knows how many years, and I’m surprised by how much I love the casual outfits they wear. Like really, this anime was made before I had even turned one.