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expect to see a ALOT of Aino Minako. and Hino Rei. and Aino Minako making out with Hino Rei. you're very welcome because as we all know these are the most amazing of things. basically if there's a cute blonde and a dark-haired tsundere involved, i'm going to love the shit out of it so yeah. i beez in the trap.

i try to tag things and make things semi-organized. sometimes i draw a lot. sometimes i write things. most of the times i'm just talking about reinako or my 500 sailor moon aus way too much and/or keyboard smashing in my asks.


bumblebees from my stream <3

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Minako! You say "that one time she tried to kiss me" as if it was only one time....
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Well, I’m sorry I was trying to save her from further embarrassment…



happy (belated) birthday sketch for tabby!! TTqTT

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I’m falling in love with Sailor Moon all over again so here have some of my newly discovered otp for the series

also an excuse to draw rly rly cute stuff


just a lil reinako drabble i’m too lazy to finish *facepalm* its from episode 45 and I JUST DONT KNOW BUT HERE YOU CAN READ. 

The breath caught in her throat, eyes widening at the sounds of screams, heart breaking at the sight before her. It all happened so fast- too fast for her to react. Without a moment of hesitation, like the cunning leader she was, Venus had thrown their precious princess aside, allowing herself to instead be taken by those hideous monsters. Rei could do nothing but look up as the blonde was yanked down below the surface, leaving Usagi screaming down the hole, offering her life and the crystal in exchange for Venus. Hearing the girl’s screams and sobs broke her heart even more- but she had to think differently now, had to act differently. Without Venus, without the others… She was the only one left to protect their princess. Violet eyes fell upon her, sobbing quietly in the snow, her hands over her face; in a split second, Rei was reacting, was stepping into shoes too big to fill. Taking hold of Usagi’s arm, she yanked her up, dragging her away from the scene and to a safe distance where for only a moment, they could grieve.

Losing Venus… It had been unexpected. Rei had come to terms with her own death and had thought it would have been Venus who stood there with Usagi, the sole survivors of their team. It made sense for it to be Minako… Not her. She had so much more to offer, so much more power. Her hand clenched into a fist, a choked sob clawing at her throat. She had to hold it together. Minako never would have cried. This was their duty and sometimes sacrifice was necessary. Each one of their friends faces flashed before her eyes and Rei turned away, looking instead out across the horizon, to where she could see the smoke unfurling. It was a moment later when she felt it, the complete loss of Venus. Her smiling face was all that Rei could see as she closed her eyes, momentairly wishing to wake up. But this was no dream, there would be no waking up. Usagi gave a strangled cry and Rei knew that she too had felt it, that she too had realized that Minako had lost her fight as well. Opening her eyes, Rei could see the crystalized ice tower, the one which surely held Minako’s body… Would one of those be her tomb as well? Rei sucked in a breath and her eyes fell upon Usagi, the mess of a girl on the ground before her. Then she looked up over the other side, to where the entrance to the Dark Kingdom lurked.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Dear gorgeous minako, how would you describe yourself?
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A golden-haired goddess whose beauty is almost painful to look at. Her long, soft tresses are like spun gold, sparkling in the sun and blindingly bright. Her blue eyes are like that of the summer sky, reflecting wisdom and showing a gaze that knows all your deepest darkest secrets. Her skin so unbelievably soft and smooth, like satin. Her lips so red and full, tempting you with a kiss that you know you will never, ever forget, for it will be the highlight of your short, uneventful mortal life. Her dainty fingers—

I duct-taped her and stuffed her in a closet because we wouldn’t be done listening to her for another eight hours otherwise. You’re welcome. 





Michiru, the uncornerable


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accomplishment: making a cat sound at a cat and the cat makes a cat sound back

hehe hey sailorsunspot who would everrr do this? 

baby you make cat noises so often I don’t even register it anymore. in fact, I get weirded out when you DON’T go “meow” all the time now.

 my roommate also makes cat noises a lot too…

this just in i surround myself with weird cat people


Since it’s both experiencing a resurgence of interest and a bit of a scattered mess right now, here’s my best attempt at compiling a fanfiction masterpost for HPSM AU, or the Sailor Moon Hogwarts AU collaboration. For meta, sorting discussion, headcanon, fanart, and more, check out the tag on the blogs of the dorks most responsible here, here, here, here and here. I’ll try to do a comprehensive masterpost of those later, as well. If I’ve missed something, please let me know.

Fanfiction (in as close to in-universe chronological order as I can make it)

Cauldrons and Broomsticks by rocketonthemoon

Amoret Venustas Impulsio by sailorsunspot

The Snitch Thief by oathkeeper-of-tarth

The Worst Yule Ball Ever by fortythousandth

Felix Felicis (Part 1) by fortythousandth

The Potions Exam by reinakoanon

With more to come soon! Note that with the authors being who they are, the whole thing is currently skewed very heavily towards Rei/Minako and Haruka/Michiru.

HPSM AU Senshi House key:

Gryffindor - Rei, Haruka

Hufflepuff - Makoto, Hotaru, Usagi

Ravenclaw - Ami, Setsuna

Slytherin - Minako, Michiru

Featuring frequent appearances of Seiya in the role of Lee Jordan and general pain in Haruka’s butt.



"One-hundred fifty points to Slytherin! Slytherin wins!"







I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games 

You know what, I would actually be the first to die. 

I would probably die because I’m not athletic. Also blood phobia would make it pretty hard to kill others. FT and I had a plan for the zombie apocalypse when we were in undergraduate together. We would steal two horses from the stable and ride off into the wilds with the butch officer from campus police and her useful guns.

Y’all, I’m not gonna brag, but I think I’d come in pretty close to the end of HaruMichi Tumblr Circle Hunger Games

I’m a runner I can set a snare I can load and shoot a gun I spent like 85% of my childhood alone in the woods but I would lose at HaruMichi TUmblr CIrcle Talking about Feelings Games I’d be like I JUST WANT TO GO DRINK WHISKEY AND BUILD A BOAT AS GOD INTENDED US TO HANDLE DIFFICULT EMOTIONS

Doc you can’t have a gun in the hunger games!! Or at least I don’t remember there being any. It would be too much of an advantage. I can shoot a bow and arrow reasonably well. Also FT is very strong also.

Also, I’m a hair puller in most fights. Let’s not discount that.

Well shit just got REAL dark, REAL quick. As is per usual in the HaruMichi circle, I suppose.

Quickly written drabble, inspired by THIS and THIS. It’s about 1500 words of pure crap so don’t expect too much, but I’m drunk and my roommie made me steak tips and it was fun to write so I did it.

Tagging oathkeeper-of-tarth and docholligay ‘cause not only did you two inspire it but I feel like ya’ll will appreciate what I’m doing here. You’ll pick up what I put down and all that. This is my usual stuff, Senshi universe, Reinako and Harumichi as the primary couples. I love ya’ll.

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