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... i will PUNISH YOU!

mostly sailor moon, new mutants, beautiful people, and queer shit! AKA, the best blog ever. hi everybody, i'm ren, let's have some fun!

expect to see a ALOT of Aino Minako. And Hino Rei. and Aino Minako making out with Hino Rei. you're very welcome because as we all know these are the most amazing of things.

i try to tag things and make things semi-organized. sometimes i draw a lot. sometimes i write things. most of the times i'm just talking about reinako way too much and/or keyboard smashing in my asks.

LOL i lied. There was one more request (barring fivecentsless’ stupid thing which I need his consulting on) and that was my dear dianoetic’s.

unfortunately, my friends are dragging me out to be “social” before I can color it, so I’ll come back to this later. I just wanted to throw this up, because it’s fucking sexy and I’m freaking proud, considering it’s such an uncommon and difficult pose.

Called “Hand2Hand”. Dani’s giving Amara some combat pointers. Guess what comes next?

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